Reformer Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 61

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Thank you so much Dr. Reinisch.
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love that I can accomplish such a great workout in such a short time...thanks
Really enjoyed, need to get back focused on basics as away from Pilates for a while. Needed that (attempted 40 min level 2 yesterday and realized I needed to get back to basics and build up again!) Thanks Kristi - will search for some more level 1 from you
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As a new member this class is really great I love all the cues to help us concentrate on which muscles we want to work. the short class is great as I can fit it in before work and it keeps me feeling energized for hours.
I love how you instruct every detail Kristi.
Thank you Kristi! I decided to scroll right back to the first BASI Reformer Class and I'm so glad I did! So great to be reminded of those important cues for all the fundamental work :)
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Thank you Kristi. Doing the full comprehensive course out here in Italy and have found your lesson very useful! 
Gregory Really happy to hear that! Best of luck to you during your training! 
Thank you, Kristi, for this awesome workout! It always feels great to reconnect with the fundamentals. Your cues were so helpful. Loved the breast stroke prep at the end. Thanks so much for all you do! 
Thank you, Kristi, great to see a master at work! 
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