FuseDance Fun<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 612

FuseDance Fun
Tracey Mallett
Class 612

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Tracey - loved, loved this class!! Great material and ideas to bring into a warm up and floor work for my barre class that I teach!! Always look forward to all of the classes you teach - your energy is so inviting!!
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God bless all of you who do this live... at least I have a pause button! Great workout! Thanks!
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Fantastic - totally fun...definitely "borrowing" some of this for my students. They will love it! Thanks
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Hurray! Another great Tracey Mallet class. I love having a challenging class for a day when I don't have a lot of time. More, please!
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Tracey - loved, loved this class!! Great material for my barre classes! I have enjoyed every class you have done on PA!!
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loved it a lot! thank you!
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Tracy, I do bollywood, bollyfit, bellyfit, belly dancing, aerobics, step aerobics. this is very very good.. . It is good to have a change. makes it very interesting. thank you. You are a great addition the family of pilates.
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Fabulous! Loved all the energy!
Thank you for mixing it up and keeping Pilates fresh and FUN!!!
The entire website is GREAT!
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loved it as always
Thank you everyone, we had so much fun doing this class. It's a shame you can't see their glowing faces as we move through the moves. I just shot two new FuseDance videos last week and was honored that Kristi, Amy and Emilee were with me grooving to the music. So happy to share my love of DANCE and Pilates with you!!
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