Spinal Flexion Tower<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 666

Spinal Flexion Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 666

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Not that you're asking me, but I would either back up (with support for your head), shorten your range of motion (my heels parallel position is ridiculously small to keep my tail down), or turn yourself completely around if you really have tight hamstrings. In this way, you can back up a bit, get straight legs and keep your pelvis stable. If you have to back up so much that the bar feels like its going to drop out from under you, this in not the exercise for you. No biggie... many other options
Thanks, Kristi. Great advise!
Hi in2insight,

I suspect that that either your hamstrings or hip flexor tightness is to blame for the challenge in the pelvic position.

I would recommend backing up (away from the bar) so that the pelvis can be positioned properly.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks, Meredith. Yes, very tight hams and hip flexers from years of cycling.
Backing up will work great for the Foot work. The Tower Press is another story, as I was already as far back at possible (Allegro Tower). Something to work up to, for sure.
Again, thank you, and Pilates Anytime, for the great class!
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I really enjoyed doing this workout! The only problem I have is when I complete a workout, I feel so good I want to do another right away! ;)
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Great suggestions!
Thanks everyone!
Tara E
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Loved this class! Great pace and perfect cues!
Thank you Tara!!
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We need more BASI Pilates tower classes!!!!
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