Raising The Bar
Brent Anderson
Workshop 701

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Aloha Brent, you've given me alot to think about. So great that its all on video. I will be revisiting this workshop many, many times.
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I was captivated from the moment I started watching and all the way through to the end!! I appreciated Brents humble demeanor and broad knowledge of what he so elegantly communicates!! This workshop spoke volumns to me at this particular time - as I am in a very transitional period with my pilates practice of 9 years. Would love to know the author of the book "Inner Peace" that he spoke of - and would like to have his email address if that is possible. Thank you PA for your service to us for constantly "Raising the Bar"
Thank you Brent for sharing your personal stories in the fantastic lecture. I really appreciate your unique approach to melding the spiritual with the physical and providing another view on that. You have inspired me to take a deeper look in that direction.
I want to watch but am only able to view the previews of each chapter.
Mary ~ I have sent you an email in regards to your questions.
Gaynor ~ I will send you an email in regards to your problem.
I am so touched by the comments and the support I always feel from Pilates Anytime. Thank you Kristi and viewers. Someone asked about the book by Andrea Church "Inner Peace" You can also find it in the Brahma Kumaris group. Great book, changed my life!!! I hope you keep enjoying Pilates Anytime. Much love and health!!!
Loved this workshop. I would like to read the book "Inner Peace", stripping away the expectations we carry around every day and truly baring our authentic selves. I looked on-line & of course there are quite a few. Who is the author?
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I just finished watching this through-out the day and was very moved. Thank you Brent for being brave enough to talk about the spiritual side of what we do and being in alignment with the universe. Walking in this alignment is what brought me to Pilates and I am so very grateful. I sometimes feel isolated in this belief so it is so refreshing and wonderful to hear Brent speak. And thank you Kristi!
I promise you Corey... you are not alone!
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