Mat for Scoliosis<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 707

Mat for Scoliosis
Kathy Corey
Class 707

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Magnifico workshop que tuve el gusto de realizar con Kathy este verano en Madrid España). Excelente maestra y excelente persona. Me gustaría volver a verla, fue un placer. Muchas gracias.
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Incredible instruction and description. I felt as if Kathy "got me into" a body with scoliosis. I have a new client with the most severe scoliosis that I have dealt with and this class taught me about the imbalances in my own body. It gave me a whole different perspective on how she lives in her body and hopefully how to help her.
Thank you!
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This class was great for someone dealing with scoliosis. It would be good to have a class like this for people who have had a spinal fusion and who have no mobility in parts of their spine.
can you add some info about scoliosis and pregnancy please
heidi we have a workshop coming out on Scoliosis from Madeline Black pretty soon. Also we have recently released several pregnancy classes and have a workshop on that as well in our Learning center.

Click here for Prenatal Classes
Thank you!!!
Yes yes yes! Kathy thank you!
Kathy Corey, thank you so so much.
Un cours excellent qui fournit du matériel pédagogique de premier choix. Merci !
thank you, thank you so much...
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