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what a great chat... i am truly grateful for all the great people i get to experience through this site. as a solo instructor in australia i have got to experience so many great workshops and instructors through PA. I agree with Cara about having fun as i often play silly games and do the hokie pokie in my classes to get people to play and find the joy of movement... so thank you to Kristie for the site and to you Cara for keepin it real.... cant wait to travel to US to workshop with you all...
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This interview is an inspiring and valuable gift to our community. I love the balance of your encouraging our reverence for legacy and confidence in our own ability to bring freshness and fun to the work. Thanks very much Cara and Kristi!
You're welcome Erika. What a lovely way to describe Cara Erika. I think that is exactly what I wished I would have said.
Reiner G
Wow. So wonderful.
Reiner G
PS: Where can I get Cara's documentary?
Reiner, Cara has not released the documentary thus far. You can see by this interview that she is very interested in sharing with the public, but she has the normal concerns about being sure to do so in a way that is both respectful of Kathy Grant and all the friends and family that loved her... Cara's tribute is just that ~ a beautiful tribute. She in fact has much more footage that perhaps should be included in a documentary all about Kathy so Cara is considering the best way to go forward.

We are hopeful to put something together and perhaps with other first generation teachers that would be a part of a greater project that explores the legacy of Pilates through their protoge's... Stay tuned!
This woman is an anqel and I need hER!
So lovely to watch this. Just back from POT London and met Cara and had the absolute privilege to take a couple of her workshops.

I have been teaching Pilates for 12 years and own a Studio in Scotland (Glasgow)(UK) and in the few days I was with Cara my full mindset changed. Her fantastic simple ways of explaining things means its just resinates and something you had built up to be so difficult - so complicated - becomes - simple.

I now feel part of the community, part of the legacy - I now feel a responsibility to share and learn.

I wish I had known you years ago - I would be a much better teacher and student to have had your guidance. I look forward to being able to work with you in the future.
Sarah, Thank you for this note. We will meet again I am sure. I will be in London again in July. FYI.
Lovely to meet you.

Thank you Cara. Yes you mentioned PEPilates in London will check it out - defo will take advantage of having you in the neighbourhood Was going to ping you to suss out your schedule when you are over - I have a studio in Glasgow. Its an hour flight from London or 4/5 hour train ride. Idea being I can have you spend time with my trainers. Will I ping over to
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