Systematic Tower<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 868

Systematic Tower
Karen Sanzo
Class 868

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I really enjoyed this class! Particularly Karens creative and accurate cueing. Wish I could take one of her classes for now am happy
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Loved this! Easy to understand. All clients would enjoy.
Great class! Karen, you are fantastic.
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What a lovely exploration of the towe--thank you so much! Beautifully inspiring:)
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Nice one Karen! You bring such pizazz to the workouts! thank you!
Oh PA! After taking Kristi's awesome combo class yesterday, I was just going to watch this class and take it tomorrow. After watching it, I immediately restarted it to take it!! It just looked too yummy! So glad I took it. You never disappoint. Thank you Karen. I look forward to taking this again (and your new mat class):)
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Anne-Marie ~ Keep your eye out for something very special from Karen that will be going up tomorrow ;)
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Yay! I can't wait!! She's fantastic:)
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What a lovely teacher!
A fantastic pilates workout!
Tzipi dudovich
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I would,love to take a class from her. She uses so many of the same cues I do and some great new ones. Great validation and fun workout.
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