Fletcher Towel Work®
Kyria Sabin
Class 894

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This class is wonderful for neck and shoulder tension! And good for my posture to.. I love it! A favorite.
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My shoulders feel lovely after this workout
great work,but let's get more excited!
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Great class and workout in a short amount of time. Always enjoy the classes you teach, Kyria!
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what I like about this workout, is the comparison between the 1st and last plie - so much more open! wonderful class
Kyria, this video is what I do when my shoulder is out of position from too much tennis . I know it works bc at the end the ache at the edge and back of the acromion is gone. Thanks!
Where do I purchase the towel? Balanced Body shows it as being unavailable. Thank you. Sheila
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Hi Sheila, I believe Balanced Body is the only website where you can purchase a Fletcher towel. I would contact them to see when it'll be back in stock. 
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The  Fletcher Towels will be available through Balanced Body this month.
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