Traditional Reformer Flow<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 910

Traditional Reformer Flow
Niedra Gabriel
Class 910

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Niedra thank you again for your inspiration, I can not wait to do my reformer training, my biggest motivation is that my eldest son who is only 33 has just been diagnosed with MS and badly in need of stretching and strengthening, he has asked me to work with him and I will using the mat and theraband, but I feel he will get so much more with the reformer, even though he is 33 he is still my baby and as a mother all I want to do is fix it.
Niedra Gabriel
I completely emphasize with you Sharon, I so understand and see how much you love your son. There is so much you can do to help him. lets be in touch about this.
Niedra, wonderfully thoughtful class as usual! I loved the Horseback regression to progression. So helpful for teaching all levels.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Brooke, I see we have same back ground of Power Pilates, great to meet up with you on the site.
Yes Niedra! I completed my training in 2000 while living and dancing in NYC. We also share a yoga background as well. I truly enjoy your classes so much. Thank you thank you
this wasn't my favourite class - too much chopping and changing between exercises, not enough repetitions and no indication of springs to be used. By the time I'd worked out where my reformer was supposed to be, the class had moved onto the next exercise. so I couldn't get into the flow.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your feed back Lesley. I can understand your frustration as yes, this was a fast paced class and to a certain extent, my take was that the student would be knowledgeable of the transitions - hence the level 3 grade.
I totally understand that a slightly slower more detailed workout would have better served to set you up to move through the material properly.
Thank you for giving it a try.
Lesley, this class is as advertised a level 3, classical, high intermediate/Advanced Reformer workout. Niedra taught this class in response to the PIlates enthusiasts and teachers who requested she teach a class as true to the original method at this level as they are accustomed too.
The fact is, at this level, there are few repetitions (3-5) and the springs should not need to be mentioned. At this level, the movements, spring tension and order of exercises should have been practiced for years already making the practitioner efficient in just a few repetitions. It's really the point and beauty of Pilates.
I hope you'll take some of Niedra's classes that build up to this class so that when you take it next time you see where she came from and how the speed and number of repetitions make more sense.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain this as I suspect you are not the only one who felt this way.
Thanks to both NIedra and Kristi for your comments. I am a Level 3 and have been doing Pilates for more than a decade. I like more reps so I can feel my muscles getting tired but have not owned my own reformer for long so am used to my instructor sorting the springs! I will try some other of Niedra's classes though.
Was challenging i learned a few new things i will have to try this one again to practice them
Thank you ??
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