Tower Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 953

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Great class Melissa. I loved the kneeling snake rolls, as I've started calling them. Encouraging clear cues as always with great pace and flow. I love the challenge and I'd love to see more!
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Great class! Thanks! :)
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Loved it! Thanks.
Thanks for the positive feedback! It inspires me to keep creating and learning!!! I am fortunate I get to share on Pilates Anytime!
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great class! intriguing voice! you need to go to hollywood!!
Hollywood! Wow thanks!!! LOL!
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Fabulous class with excellent cues. I never had to turn my head to watch, so I could be careful of body alignment even with new moves! The perfect workout to warm me up from head to toe on this chilly 5' day in MN :) Thank you.
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Melissa, I viewed your class while doing laundry, haha. It kept my head out of the laundry and helped past the time. I loved your class so tomorrow I am turning you on again and doing this entire workout. Thanks beautiful cueing and a great combination of exercises
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@ Libby, I'm loving the kneeling snake roll name:) Thanks
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Really great class, nice to see some different exercises. Thank you!
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