Somatic Movement and Pilates (Blog)

Somatic Movement and Pilates (Blog)

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Claudia M Hi! I'm so happy these blogs/info resonates with you. My suggestions for reading are The Heart Math Institute (online), Body Mind Centering (this is what I study) with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Linda Hartley has a wonderful book too as well as Susan Aposhyan's books. There is also another blog from June 16th on PA.  I have a series on PA in the Mindful Movement section called Move into Ease. You can just look up my name under teachers to find it. I think you will appreciate the psycho-physical lens. We are human beings not bodies. Everything we are grows together and we express ourself holistically. I'm offering a workshop virtually July 9th called Exploring Support. Recording available if you can't make it. You can find the details on my website It is so wonderful to connect with other curious and compassionate souls like yourself. 
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