Kristi 2.0 (Blog)

Kristi 2.0 (Blog)

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Kristi - may your journey shed light for others who cannot see the light. Wrapping my arms around you all the way from New Zealand x
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Kristi you're amazing. Strong and beautiful.
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Kristi I don't personally know you, but I know you. You have taught me so much and you will continue to teach, inspire and influence people. My heart and prayers goes out to you.
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Kristi - I am praying for you!
Thank you all, so much.
Michele P
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How does an introvert create such an amazing resource for Pilates teachers, trainers, and students world wide...she does not let her personal challenges define her but continues to follow her dream. How does a woman continue to move forward after a concussion has turned her life upside down...the same way. Your honesty, vulnerability, and desire to turn your personal challenges in to learning opportunities for us all on Pilates Anytime (and this is not the first time) is amazing and an unexpected gift. Your spirit shines through; may your healing continue. In Gratitude, Michele
Wow. Thank you so much Michele.
Reiner G
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OMG. I often think of your visit here in my home. Can’t believe what I just read. Kristi Cooper sending you a lot of healing wishes and thoughts.
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Kristi, I am in tears reading this. Tears of joy because you are so beautifull! Both inside and out! you are a great dancer as well as a fabulous Pilates instructor. I'm happy to have met you here and hope to do it in person someday ! Dance girl!! 💃
Thank you Reiner and Connie. Reiner, I remember that visit fondly. Connie, I hope we meet in person one day too. I appreciate your very kind words.
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