Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2142

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This was super...and yes, the ahhhhhh sound came out at the end of the class...thank you Sarah
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Really different and i definitely felt relaxed and worked out. Thank you Sarah and looking forward to the second part perhaps on cadillac;)
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Loved this yoga-inspired class!! Hope to see more, maybe a tower/ reformer combo.
Thanks so much! Very pleased each of you are enjoying the workout. Another Yoga inspired reformer class is coming soon and I will keep in mind the request for Cadillac.
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Loooooove your teaching Sarah.
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Loved the last exercise and the sitting back work!!
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This whole class was yummy, Sarah, not just that last feel-good exercise. I loved your yoga-inspired creativity, your cueing, the back extension work without having to use the long box... My hips and i thank you very much :)) And yes, a tower workout will be most welcome !
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Sara eu amei!! foi muito bom, me senti otima!!!
O que você acha da próxima ser com reformer torre??
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Arm/back sitting work felt amazing.... Always love your enthusiasm Sarah.... new things to find/feel and always fun!
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