Day 2: Cardio
Tracey Mallett
Class 3592

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I like it very much. I like the abs work with the ball. It's more difficult than it looks!
OMG, Tracey thank you!!! absolutely loved this workout! I felt like I was in dance class again =)
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Wow! I thought I was fairly fit! Thanks for a challenging workout Tracey 
Wow! I just did Day 1 and 2 today!  What a workout! I can't wait to do the next one. Thank you:)
So annoying I cannot get a Pilates ball delivered to me in Dubai for weeks, everyone is sold-out. Never mind was still a great workout thank you.
Woohoooo🤩great class! 
Loving this challenge! 
Great Class! Thank you!
Me gustó mucho la clase, gracias Tracey, i love your attitude.
thank you!!
I enjoyed a lot!
I realized that there is missing of releve on the second side before the single leg jump;)
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