Mat Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1627

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Thanks for the great feedback. This was a fun class to teach!
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Loved it! I added my own background music and it popped it up a level higher.
So glad to hear! I often teach with music. Always nice to have beat to keep your pace:)
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thank you from Dublin great inspiration from a teacher just starting out! susannah x
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Thanks Sarah! Loved the class and had a lot of fun with the full swan dive.
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Sarah, enjoyed your class - so fun. You were my teacher trainer yrs ago at Flow in Chicago so it's great to see you and take a class from you again. :)
Hi Holli,Thanks for the note. So happy you are enjoying Pilates Anytime!
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I freakin loved this class!!!
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Hey Saah. I love this video. I take my iPad when I am travel g perfect way to start the day!
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What great energy it was so easy to stay motivated as you were clearly having so much fun with the movement!
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