Mat Workout
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2508

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Third Part: Prepare for hip extension
Applying the rotation technique, through Elizabeth's super smart position, you could easily open the front hip and restore your hip extension range without too much muscle efforts.
If you feel impinge at your hip or your lumbar spine or SIJ area, you could control your pelvic into slightly posterior tilt to encourage more oblique abdominal plus gluteus muscle rather than Quadratus lumborum or Erector spinae muscles

Fourth Part: prepare your mechanical proprioceptors at your both feet
To make your brain have more clear mapping about the feet and about the exercise enviroment (unstable surface, roller), you could roll your feet on the roller !! It could make you more easily control the balance and engage more muscles to control the movement patterns.

I hope those explanation could help you understand some biomechanical benefits, myofascial training advantages of the first 12 mins warmup from the viewpoint of the physiotherapist.
Thank you, Elizabeth! I learn a loooot from you! And thanks to PA for giving us an opportunity to get these fabulous classes!
Thank you Daniel for taking the time to explain this sequence from your expertise as a physiotherapist. Love being with you in Hong Kong at OPS!
least Pilates question ever...where do i get that outfit!??!?!
Briana, I love all questions - wardrobe or Pilates Zoya is the multi-talented Russian designer who created my stretch velvet unitards for 2015 and 2016. She was the designer/costumer for the Odessa Ballet and Opera prior to moving to San Francisco. Now Zoya works on the 12th floor of the Grace Building overlooking Union Square. Currently she is creating 4 new unitards for my 2017 PilatesAnytime collection that will film January 7. Since you are in NYC, the dance capital of the world, surely you can find a designer/seamstress who will create custom suits for you
That was tough but very interesting!!! Thank you for so many explicit cues full of insight. Would love to learn more from you.
Amazing class I feel great thank you!
Love, love, loved it!
I feel like I have just discovered the final answer to my Pilates-searching life, but I just wish Elizabeth had a book or separate and comprehensive DVD. I feel I have just been burned by a certain Roller-Fascia-Celebrity A-list teacher with a recent branded roller and book that is riddled with errors and conflicting text. Elizabeth is a Master and I thank Pilates Anytime for bringing us to her. But please, more videos of Elizabeth! My husband in particular is so in need of this therapy now.
Dear Elisabeth, we met in Mönchengladbach this year at the Pilates Heritage Congress. Your workshop on fascia was so interesting and your classes are wonderful. I specially like all the rotational work you integrate in your classes, the balance challenges, the cuing is excellent and I learn a lot from you. Thank you. You are very inspiring and motivating and you are sparking the wonderful world of Pilates.
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