Romana's Advanced Mat
Brett Howard
Class 1010

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Too many reps for me esp in leg circles/ball twice? Then it gets very slow which I thing will invite lots of gripping.
Thank you, Brett, for this perfectly articulated class. I will echo what another PA reviewer said - that the cues are so spot on you barely need to look at the screen. It is very clear and easy to follow along. I couldn't do the back bend leg lifts or the reverse of that move but I made every effort and substituted some pushups when I could follow along. :) Bring on some more Level 3 mat classes! I LOVE the challenge and intensity!
Wow !
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Absolutely LOVED this class! The way Brett took us through each exercise was fluent & challenging, I didn't have to watch the screen as his verbal cues were fabulous! Highly recommend :)
Jersey girl here ;) I absolutely loved the challenge and beautiful transitions of this class...simply amazing!
Brett that was super intense awesome workout! I've been practicing and teaching pilates for 16 yrs, and this class was phenomenal. Loved all the teaser versions, the way everything transitioned smoothly into the next exercise! By the end I was sweating! Its nice to take a break from teaching & really find a class like this to challenge me especially since I have been home bound for days due to Hurricane Matthew! Thank you for this great class! LOVE!!!
Absolutely delightful challenge - loved it!!! Feel fabulous after it 😃
the best class in Pilates Anytime ! WOW
Been practicing Classical Mat Homebased since 2005, and this is the 1st time, I have been shown Teasers 5,6 & 7. Outstanding Mr Howard. Thank you.
Loved every minute of it!!!!
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