Pilates with the BOSU®
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1015

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Mindi - discovering habitual compensations seems to be a human condition. Thanks for joining me in the search for intelligent life!
I couldn't agree with you more Mindi!
Love the Bosu...especially loved the organization of your session. Thank you
Excellent workout for using the BOSU.
Me encantó, muchas gracias! Muy linda clase. Saludos Karina
Thanks so much!!
hahahaha - lol - deliciously creative, deeply sophisticated with such funny, understated comments. THANK YOU, Elizabeth and Norris, you inform, invite deepening and crack me up!
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thanks, I really enjoye and got great ideas. great cues
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Love it! Thanks I needed that giggle. And great to be inspired. As always Elizabeth brilliant cueing. i also really appreciated the extra detail. Finally understanding the hand squeeze. Is there a class you explain the tongue work that comes into some of your other classes? Thanks T
Tahmour, please read my comment to Anke in Class#4015 posted in February/March 2020. In addition please take a look at my mat class with roller and ring wearing an orange unitard.
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