Arm Weights Workout
Brett Howard
Class 1035

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very precise and efficient work + excellent teacher ! Merci, Pilates anytime, to inspire me and make my day so often !!!
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Now I have a reason to log on to Pilates Anytime even if I only have 20 minutes. What a deceptively concentrated liltle workout. Sleeveless season about this as an add on to any of your other favorite routines?!
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Thank You so much Brett
I look forward to ANY class you teach :) Love your clear and concise instruction !!
and I agree with Joni, I can add this to a chair or spine corrector workout with pleasure !!
Thanks Brett! Loved it! I do weight training at the gym but this is a different approach and nice work with the 100$ bill.
Great class. Thank you.
how many weight ?
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As one of his lucky students that day, I can tell you all that this short little workout did the trick! For me, the slow and precise movements and focus are what I love the most and I felt fantastic after. A great compliment to a short jump board, chair or spine corrector class indeed. Thanks Brett!! Can't wait to have you back!
Very nice clear, calm, instruction.
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Loved it!! Great to add to my Barre class!!
Fabulous! Love it!
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