Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1036

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Lisa I loved the workout, felt like I was back in California working out with you.... One day soon I'm gonna come take a class with you. The Arc on the reformer was great.
The Goddess Yasmin?! Come back to Cali~WE miss you! Thank you doll, cannot wait for it
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WOW!!!! Really loved this class. Will be doing it again. One of my favs. Thanks Lisa.
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Wonderful the arc on the reformer!
Katherine, it is a great addition to the Reformer! Glad that you enjoyed the class! Thank you!
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Great class! The Hipwork cueing really helped a lot!
Thanks Melodie, happy you enjoyed it & found the cueing helpful in the hip work!
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Loved the transitions and how you managed to move the spine in every plane!!!
thank you!
Emily, I am humbled by your comments! Thank you. I truly appreciate being a part of this community & thank PA for their hard work! I have enjoyed the site myself here on Oahu!
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