Standing Foam Roller Burn<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 1122

Standing Foam Roller Burn
Tash Barnard
Class 1122

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Totally enjoyed this class! Intensive, challenging for the stability and containing some really nice stretches - my m. piriformis was grateful for them :)
Thank you, Natasja! I like your energy, attitude and connection with the group.
Well done Tash. Great for posture and balance!
Love the roller variations and balance challenge...super class!!!
screen went green! HELP please!
Mahima ~ I am sorry you had trouble watching this class. try restarting your computer to clear away the processes that are running. If that doesn't work, please email us at for other options.
Loved it!!!
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Holy Foam Roller!
Loved this class! Thank you Natasja and PA!
Elsabe D
Fantastic standing workout! Love hearing the familiar SA accent all the way here in Australia!
Local Motion Project
This is so great. Always looking for more ways to
incorporate more vertical work and new roller exercises! Win win!
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