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Brett Howard
Tutorial 1200

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And I will add.....being a body that does have some distinct differences from side to side, all these hands on moments not only felt good (ok---incredible!!), but were very, very informative to my nervous system. The touch was direct, but not forceful. The touch was education. Thank you so much Brett, makes me want to fly to NJ to get a private session just for these stretches!!
love love love this!! I cant get to your studio for workshops but this comes close. to hear and see how this method is done is key to helping my clients further in their Pilates health. Please Brett do more! Pleease PA keep this type of training available.
That was amazing, I feel stretched just from watching it, Brett, thank you!
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Love this!!
One single word for Brett: Brilliant !
Thankyou Brett, I loved this hand on approach and the clients love it too.
That was awesome!! Thank you Brett!! Would love more hands on tutorials as it really adds an extra value for private instruction. I find alot of teachers aren't comfortable touching people because they don't know how. It can be so helpful and feel so good!
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