Toe Gizmo
Rachel Taylor Segel
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Thank you everyone! You can sit anywhere and change hands too - some positions are easier than others; I like 90% or more at the hip. And Jon has an excellent point - one may not feel anything right away which is fine; I think of the line about as long as a Popsicle stick under my sole.
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I found some hairbands (made by scunci) that are heavy-duty 1/2" elastic with a rubber non-stick ridge inside....make a knot in the middle and it makes a decent toe corrector substitute.
thank you again, rachel!
Thank you so much for this Rachel. I had a bunion op on both feet 14/15 years ago and would urge anyone considering surgery to do these exercises first. My posture and gait changed profoundly afterwards and led to considerable back pain-the Pilates method has literally saved me! Are these exercises suitable for people post-op? Thank you
Absolutely! As always the doctor and/or PT will give the ok but especially with the 2 strengths, not to mention Billie's idea of hairbands, you are always in control of range and strenght.
This was so interesting for me to explore my toes! My left foot second toe is apparently a bit misaligned, and it was by far the most difficult to press down. Re-aligning the toe before pressing down made the exercise much easier. I guess I need to work on that 2nd toe alignment! How funny!
All my clients really love this work. The ones with bunions are on a mission!! Thank you very much for doing this class.
Thank you very much.
This was fantastic, I did this right before my personal Pilates workout and I haven't felt my pelvic floor so well in a LONG time! Thanks Rachel!!
Love the Gizmo! I can't wait for my clients to experience it!
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