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Thank you, Kristi, for such an incredible gift to the Pilates community writ large!
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This is fabulous. I'm so impressed by the quality and the drive to put this together. Very well done!
The last few days have been like Christmas morning! I watch with my eyes wide, mouth hanging with amazement mostly, and in many instances a tear down my cheek. I cry in remembrance of some of the most wonderful people and for those they touched, but I also cry in joy that we have this now to keep and watch over and over! Priceless....thank you everyone at PA and all those who dedicated their time to this project!
Merry Christmas Angel! Thank you for this wonderful feedback.
That's fantastic Kristi!
You are an inspiration !
Thank you so much Kristi! This is really amazing!! I'm VERY much looking forward!!!!
Well done, my lovely friend. Well done, indeed. What a precious gift to the Pilates community. You are amazing and an inspiration to so many. this video I see a lineage timeline..I would like to see beter...It be would possible to have a single image of that timeline.?thank you
So inspiring! Thank you!!!!!
What a wonderful project, I cannot wait to share this and to delve deeper into this myself.
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