Pilates for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Workshop 1261

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Thank you Madeline, your great love your class , your explanation of the material is clear and easy to follow ,by video hope one day to meet you in person,
Hi Madeline: I'm a Pilates instructor from the Netherlands and I have a client who has a typical 3-curved scoliosis and a stenosis (L4/L5). She went to a chiropractor who put her on a traction table. She was benefiting from that but now she's back with me because she keeps suffering from pain in her right leg/groin. I think these complaints come from her scoliosis (since she has more weight into her right leg). Can I train her like you did in both your scoliosis video's (mat and equipment)? Muscle wise she is very weak throughout her whole body so she could really use the exercise to get stronger and address her "place in space".
Hi Edith. Certainly you can train with the material on the video. Begin slowly, build her strength progressively. I would not do the exercises with the springs at first. Start with the breathing, her perception of posture, do the one where she stands with one foot in front of the other and work as I did on the translation. Also, look at the mat class I did for scoliosis. You may use some elements of that to begin strengthening.
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Hi Madeline, Thanks! I think proper breathing will be a good thing for her. I will scan both your video’s again and see which exercises I can use best for this client. Edith
Wow, this is a workshop I will watch repeatedly. Thankyou for your work in this area.
So good! Passed the exam (on the second try), but will refer to this again. Too much information to process in one go. Thank you for offering this!
Hi Madeline,
I enjoy learning from you very much! Thanks! I am curious to know if you encounter leg length difference with you scoliosis clients? I have three clients with a longer leg, two of them seem to have a functional mild scoliosis, and one of them is very prominent with left thoraco/lumbar, convexity. What are some ways that you work with leg length differences? I use pads in footwork and such. Should these people have lifts in there shoes for the shorter leg?
Hi Andrea, you will see leg length differences in most if not all scoliosis, structural or functional. For the structural, focus on the trunk as in the workshop, work one leg at a time and if the spine is less in their pattern when propping the foot, then by all means use a prop but some cases it could throw them into an exaggerated pattern which we need to avoid. For the functional, mild scoliosis, work with the abduction and adduction of the hip in addition to the spine work. Their tissue surrenders more since the asymmetry is in the tissues more than the bone. Hope this helps!
I can't seem to print the slides, can someone please help me?
Melanie ~ I'm sorry you were not able to print out the slides. I have fixed it in our admin and you should be able to see them now. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble opening the slides.
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