Stretches for Tennis
Anthony Lett
Class 1292

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Very interesting. I could almost feel the freedom of your shoulders/arms Amy and Sarah!
Glad you enjoyed it Kerry. Let me know if you need any advice :)
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Thank you, Anthony, this was great. Can you do the second to last upper back stretch (the one on the box next to the reformer) on a spine corrector?
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I have been out of town and have yet to try this but cannot wait! Thank you for a tennis-geared stretch. I have watched this and i can tell it's huge! Thank you PA and Anthony. Catherine
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Please bring more of sport specific stretches/exercises to us.
Lori, Im sorry Im away teaching for this week. When Im back I will have a look and answer your question. Glad you enjoyed it Denise :)
Using this for my squash player client! Thank you for sharing. Awesome.
delighted to hear it!
Thanks Anthony! My 13 yr. old son is rapidly on his way to becoming an elite pitcher. I worry about over-use and resulting asymmetry causing injury and long-lasting problems. I already work with him on the reformer and stretches at home. You've given me some great ideas and little tweeks I can use to improve the quality of our sessions. Looking forward to watching the next video for lower body that will address trunk rotation and flexibility in hips which will allow him more power in batting as well. Yeah!
Fantastic Kim,. Your son is very lucky that are are aware of the possibility of long terms damage. 30 years of tennis have taken their toll on my joints, so keep it up :)
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