Neuroscience and Exercise
Mariska Breland
Workshop 1334

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For Summa and John's response above. Perhaps PA could make the cost of a workshop a little less for those that will not use a workshop for CEC's... that could be a compromise?? Just a thought. I think many people would see both John's and Summa's point of view. Of course, it's all about investment in our education etc, but it's also difficult for instructors in areas of the world where the currency is quite low, so what is $69 for an Amercian, Canadian or Australian can be twice or three or four times the amount for instructors in struggling countries. Just a thought. Cheers!
Roxnana ~ Thank you for your forum post. We do have workshops without CECs that are a lower price. I have included a link to them here. We also have workshops which are included in the membership. We offer payments in different currencies, like CAD, AUD, and more to make sure that our international members aren't paying more due to the exchange rates. We appreciate your feedback and we try to make sure that everyone can find what works for them!
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Hey Gia,
Thanks for the response and all of the details. Not quite what I meant though. I meant possibly having 2 options for a single workshop (if someone wants to take the CEC workshop topic without the CEC's -- meaning 2 price points).
And for instructors in struggling countries, I was talking about some areas in the Caribbean, South America, Turkey etc etc.
With that said, I appreciate that PA is a business and you guys are doing your best to provide a variety of quality content at a reasonable price. Blessings!
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Roxana ~ Thank you for your clarification. We are hoping to add more currencies to our list in the future so that people in these areas won't have to worry about the exchange rates. I will also pass your feedback on to the rest of our team. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying our site!
Hi, this is a great video, I really enjoyed watching it. I have watched all sections. Unfortunately it won't allow me to take the quiz as it keeps saying I haven't watched all the chapters. I have tried to replay some and then it doesn't give me any credits for watching. I would like to take the test as I am completing this to get PMA credits. Any ideas on how to complete this.
Dawn ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have give you access to the quiz and you should be able to take it without a problem. I'm glad you enjoyed this workshop!
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I applaud you Mariska!
Thank you Dawnna!
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Amazing workshop, Mariska! I am a foster to adopt parent as well as a Pilates & fitness instructor and many of the workshops I have taken with regard to changing trauma in the brain and helping children who have experienced trauma with changing behavior patterns through play, movement, and demonstrating and having them practice and role play the desired behaviors all come from much of the research that you have presented here. It is so beautiful to know how marvelously we were created and that trauma or disease/disorders do not have to define us - we can change the brain! This has inspired me for my Pilates & fitness students (I have many seniors & people with neurological issues) & reinvigorated the training I have taken regarding my sweet kiddos. Thank you!
Thank you Holli !! I'm so glad you found it helpful (and thank YOU for all of the important work you're doing!)
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