Moving in Different Planes
Madeline Black
Class 1568

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That was divine! Loved how every movement flowed from one to the other! Thank you Madeline!
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A very good rutine on the reformer, I liked it very much. It is a wonderful work. Thanks.
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Thank You, it's been toooo long since your last Reformer class !!
This was a really great moving, flowing class. loved the cues and the attention to the strap lengths. and they were smooth transitions too :)
great class, loved the Phillip Beach application!
I watched this class while my hubby drove us home on a road trip. Cant wait to try and apply. It looks very interesting. Thank you.
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Thank you Madeline and PA, really enjoyed that.

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Hi Madeline,
how wonderful to have you here in my studio in Bremen..!
This was a wonderful workout and as always - the little specialities make the Madeline-Style-Wow-Effect! One thing I didn't quite understand is the cue to "go into the extensors" for the long spine movement. Do you have an additional cue how to find them? This might seem a stupid question but I rather ask it..
Thank you!
Hi Silke! Nice to connect with you this way. Your question is a good one. By placing your attention on the area that may not typically be paid attention to is why I said the cue. The whole extensor group is obviously not bowing the spine but working as a stabilizer as the spine is lowering into the Reformer. If I were working with someone, a hands-on cue is best to feel the engagement. It is easier on the Cadillac with long springs doing a similar Long Spine, hold the straps as they lower and cue them to resist very lightly as they are lowering. You pull up a bit. Hope that makes sense. I can show you next time I see you in Germany!
Amazing as always, my friend! It's so fun to experience a whole workout with you.
Very nice class. Thank you!
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