Reformer Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 1580

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I really enjoyed this- great cues and deeper understanding of the movements.
Wonderful!! I love the way Brent cues. I don't have to look at the screen but just listen to his voice and my bones and joints and muscles sing!
I didn't have a spotter here with me so that pike one while pushing carriage out with feet I tried one and almost tsailed across the room.. haha Not sure I am strong enough for it yet
The Cafe @45, quite a lovely idea!
Thank you again Brent for including all of your reminders from the "Back Class" here. "Skateboard under the Bum" is one of my fav cues when asking clients to glide from side to side. "Rah Rah" for the Cheer move! Love this class and Kristy I was "glistening" along with you (particularly during Tendon Stretch!). I am your #1 Fan, Love you P.A.!!! Judy
Fantastic!! More please!!
I love Brent!!!!
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Being Polestar trained myself I soooooooo enjoyed watching and taking the class myself. Great cues, wonderful pace, simply perfect!
Really enjoyed the session. Such excellent cueing and visualisations, thank-you!
Absolutely wonderful. Love Brent Anderson.
Great video , loved the variation of extension with rotation
This is excellent class and a lot of great tips. Will improve my practice next time :)
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