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This was beautiful Cara! Thanks for sharing...I just love hearing your stories of Kathy!
Thanks Bonnie. Your the best!!!!
Thanks cara, it was lovely to hear you tell your story of Kathy. You are very lucky to have had this friendship and love with Kathy Grant.
Cara, Thank you for giving us a glimpse of who Kathy was and what she meant to you. It was truly beautiful. It makes me sad that I never had an opportunity to meet her, but so thankful that you are able to pass on her work and her passion to heal.
Cara~ thank you for yet again being willing to share your experiences with Kathy with vulnerability and with humor and joy at who she was and what she gave away. I am SO thankful to be learning her work!!
Cara, your personal story makes me cry every time I hear it. As an injured dancer your fear, self protection and eventual healing echos my own experiences. You were so lucky to have found Kathy during that time in your life--And we are lucky to able to learn from you. Thank you!
Hugs to you Erin.
Hi Cara ! I heard your life's story and you really a winner. many challenges you needed to face..Could you send me your address in Denver?I'm staying there in 30th until 12tth ,July and I'd love to do some workshop with you.Will you have some workshop in this date?Thank you
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Hi Cara. We met in San Francisco recently at your workshop. I so enjoyed listening to you talk about Kathy. Here in the UK we don't get the history of Pilates in the same way as you guys in the USA do and so these discussions are so valuable. Thank you Pilates anytime. Cara, I loved hearing you discuss the relaxation element to your rehab as this rings so true with many of my rehab client. Maybe I'll make Switzerland next year although my son's university fees must come first, I guess.
Phenomenal women. Both of you. Feeling grateful and blessed for the deep touches I heard and felt in the story of your relationship. Thank you for being so open and forthright. What a gift both you have given our community. Much love and respect.
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