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Such a Delightful and Lovely Lady is Blossom Leilani Crawford.
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Blossom thank you so much for sharing such candid and heartwarming experiences about Kathy Grant. Ten years of assisting such an important woman should never be forgotten and helps to frame her life personally and professionally. You were so smart to jump at that opportunity.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Lovely Blossom, thank you. I'm certain Kathy is so proud of you for continuing to pay it forward. She knew what she was doing when she offered the assistant position to you!
Enjoyed hearing your stories of Kathy and appreciate all that you share.
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Thank you for a sweet and heartwarming remembrance :)
Thank you for sharing Blossom!
What a great picture you painted of her. Thank you Blossom.
Lovely, thanks.x

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Blossom introduced me to the intelligence, imagination, passion and joy of Pilates as Kathy and her students interpret it. Blossom speaks so eloquently here but her students know that the highest expression of her inheritance finds itself in her teaching. Thank you Blossom!
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