Powerhouse Wake Up
Meredith Rogers
Class 1646

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What a brilliant reformer session! I absolutely love your flow and the pace that you work at Meredith! I was looking for some inspiration for a long time client and definitely found some amazing options, like the long box ab series you did! The depth of those roll backs on the box were fantastic! Thank you for all your creativity and hard work in the Pilates community.
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Never disappoint...loved the stomach series, sgl leg footwork, all the diagonal work, and yes - Lisa's mermaid. Great reminders to checkin on waist, shoulders, pelvis, ribs, etc. Thank you so much! rock on
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Love the cue "as if you're pulling the bar apart." It makes complete sense and really allows your shoulder blades to understand their place. Simple little cues like that change everything! Thank you :)... happy, happy, happy!
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Wonderful class, Meredith. Found new work doing semi-circle on one spring! who knew? loved the flow...Thank you!
Thank you ALL so very much. I love hearing all of your comments and appreciate you taking class with me!
Really enjoyed the ab series on the box
I love it too, Julie. Thanks for sharing your feedback!
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