Wunda Chair Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1648

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Wonderful Natalia, happy you enjoyed this class, and thank you for the compliment!
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I look forward to repeating this one...the dumbbell work caught my attention and I enjoyed the level of challenge.
Thank you Carolyn, I should repeat this one, too…did you see me dripping sweat?!
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That was a fantastic workout! Thank you! It's very, very, very much something for me to work towards doing more gracefully and thoroughly to say the least. I was able to kick my leg out once during that most difficult move. I do feel very invigorated afterwards, which is great because I am very sleep deprived so this was really a wonderful boost. Thank you for that. I LOVED the hand weight exercises. That was really fantastic. I will be using this workout as a bench mark for fitness progress--I will keep coming back to it and see how I am improving. THANK YOU!
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Hi Shannon, thank you for checking out this class. Glad you enjoyed it and will keep coming back to it! Let me know how it goes
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Very different. Great with light weights. Added dimension.
Thanks Catherine, I hope that "very different" is a good thing!
It looks to me more fitness than Pilates...Doesn't means that is not interesting and challenging but....Isn't this Pilates Anytime?
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Perfect! Loved how the whole body flowed in a short practice:) Thank you Lisa!
Thank you Michele! I appreciate your positivity of the workout ;) Happy you enjoyed it!
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