Reformer Workout
Connie Borho
Class 1695

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beautiful class, great cues!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Paola, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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Great work out! Very clear instructions!
I particularly liked the front split/stretch series and the up up stretch-elephant etc series. I liked seeing the 'teaching' component, rather than watching the teacher 'do' the workout. Great for helping teachers. Thank you.
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GREAT CLASS! ....more PEAK please ;)
Thank you all for your comments! I'm glad that the "teachers teacher" format was beneficial. We will have more Peak on PilatesAnytime! Stay tuned!
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Amazing class..amazing instructor!!
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Awesome class. I feel very stretched and limber after this class!
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Awesome and inspiring. I just finished PPS3 in Tokyo. More Peak please! I want to hear original English cues and rhythm.
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More peak pilates reformer workouts, please! I lived this.
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