A Movement of Movement
Mark Pedri
Workshop 1723

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Hi :) a question ...
Will I be able to download this movie from your website ?
I see that the DVD is being sold on Amazon at the same cost.
Thanks for your response !
Jitka ~ the movie is not available for download from Mark's website but you can purchase a DVD there.
So perfectly sums up everything about Pilates and life. Wonderful.
Hi Jitka. Maria is correct. Right now the only digital version of the film is here on Pilates Anytime.
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Thank you so much for your response and clarification !!!
Hi can I see more than once?
Hi Cris,

You are free to watch as many times as you like.
thanks for this opportunity to see this testimony of great courage and strength of the method. it's amazing. I love it! Wow !
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Purchased the DVD from PMA. Excellent presentation of the inspirational values of Pilates, for the world. Mark Pedri is an artistic genius to compile the concepts of J.H.Pilates, for all of us who live his work. Viewing brought tears to my eyes...and life into my soul.
Hi, can I purchase bulk copies of the DVD to onsell or give away to clients. I've tried emailing the website, but have not got a response, thanks
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