Reformer Workout
Ron Fletcher
Class 1747

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Thank you! I really enjoyed that! My teacher was taught by Ron, so it was especially lovely to feel the connection!
What a great way to teach with music in your step and heart! Love it! Badada dadadada! Thanks Ron.
Lovely! I appreciate the opportunity to see the work in it's intended form. Thank you :)
You're welcome Bahareh Lemeijavan. Just last week, during a long office meeting at Pilates/Yoga Anytime, we cued up Ron's video on percussive breathing as a form of a break (think software engineers, production crew, marketing and Yogi's). It was great! You may enjoy it too!
Ron's Clock by Ron
Thank you Kristi! I will definitely check it out :)
I love learning from the greats and Mr Ron Fletcher really taught me so much in this flow-e-try of movement video. #grateful
This is awesome!
Such a gift! Thank you, Kathy, for being a student in this video, and for sharing it with us here on Pilates Anytime! Truly felt the work, and loved the breath connection!
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I love how much Mr. Fletcher prioritized explaining all the concepts. I'm so glad these videos exist.
Back to my roots.  So happy to take Ron's class, I wish I had the chance to work directly with him.
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