Magic Circle Connections<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1749

Magic Circle Connections
Kristi Cooper
Class 1749

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Lauren P
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That was so fun Kristi - thank you :)
Yes! Great duration for using the Magic Circle. I especially liked the variation of spine twist. Very nice class!
Thank you both very much! Glad you liked it! -)
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Taking class with you ALWAYS makes my day! Thank you.
It would make my day if you would come be in class with me Annie! Miss you!
I always love your classes Kristi!
Dear Kristi, what a great class! Perfect for those "moderate" days with moderate amount of time and energy :) Nice ideas for using the magic circle and great cueing, love it!
Thanks so much for a magic circle class. Wonderful!
Such A nice flow to this! thank you Kristi! I always love your classes too! I really liked your version of the seated spine twist! Always learn so much from this site thank you for making it available!
Lyle H
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Kristi, This is a fantastic class. It's especially good for building quad strength, and easy on the knees. I am using this as part of my physical therapy program to rehabilitate by knees. You are great at giving cues for breathing and tightening appropriate muscles.
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