Magic Circle Connections
Kristi Cooper
Class 1749

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I'm so glad you all liked this class and Lyle that its helping your knees is great news! Thank you for the feedback!
Kristi, it was such a treat (and a dream come true!) to take a class with you in person! Thanks again so much for the warm welcome you've given me that day. Love from New Zealand.
Mialy is was wonderful to see you and your family. Thank you for coming to visit as you said you would the first time we met at the PMA. xoxo
great class. thank you!
Thankyou, love Kristi"s classes always.
Thoroughly enjoyed your class Kristi. Will do it again.
Kristi you are my go to instructor. My week is not complete without your classes. Thank you! And that was the hardest double leg stretch. Love it!
So happy to hear your feed back everyone. If I could stand watching myself on camera, your generous praise would tempt me to take this class myself! Thank you!
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I have taken this class twice already and will be taking it over and over just as I have taken your class 873 countless times. They are superb!
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You are brilliant and gorgeous on camera Kristi (and always!).
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