Traditional Mat Flow
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1764

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You are amazing ben, such an inspiration for my classes!
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Ladies! Impressive!
very nice cueing, good explanations, intense workout, BUT in my opinion, talk TOO much!
Again, thank you all so much - it means so much to hear all the wonderful feedback. Ann and Irene, I promise well do an accelerated (and quieter) Mat class on my next PA visit!
You are very kind heidi
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I personally loved all that talking !! Because it's 99 % beautifully clear cueing, the voice is soft and the tone is pleasant. I enjoyed the challenge and the flow very much too. What i hated, though, is that you guys all looked like you DID have springs in your hands for your thigh stretch !!!! Thanks, Benjamin and Pilates Anytime, for this great class :))
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Wow what a challenge this was!!!! Such a great class. Fantastic cueing and transitions!!
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This is a fantastic class!

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Awesome workout! Loved the transitions and cues!!!
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Totally love this class! Thank you!
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