Mat Workout
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 1781

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The variations on this class are pretty similar to the ones on Benjamin's Mat Class. Loved it!
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It is immediately apparent is it not, that Ms Kristi Cooper clearly demonstrates the Archival Mat exercises here very well indeed, and it is a fine example of what one could define as the "real and original Contrology mat practice".
Not to the exclusion I hasten to add, or forgetting of course, her friend, accompanying her on the second mat.
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Thanks Amy! That is so fun to do.
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What a great explanation of how the exercises were done in the past...and a reminder to all of us, who instruct and practice, where pilates began. In our everyday instruction and practice we tend to modify the exercises for the clients needs and I can see how we lose the original techniques. I would love to see more of this type of technique teaching.
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I appreciated learning about 3 inch rule, I will implement from now on. Thank you!
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It was interesting.
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Great class - it felt oddly different without the transitions :)
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Fantastic! I'm out of breath :D Thanks for bringing Joe back, Amy!!
Great class!
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