Mat Workout
Brett Howard
Class 1811

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Seriously love this workout more each time! More Brett!!
Anyone out there know if using the MC helps alleviate/reduce Arthritis in the hip joints?
That was so challenging! I am excited to try it again and feel myself improve!
love it!! Thank you Brett, your "bzz" moment always make me smile- i liked your transition for sidekicks  and the construction you bring during the class with the rythm and the repetition-)
Thanks for the awesome workout!! With the current COVID19 lockdown and missing my regular studio @invigoratepilates I finally got myself a magic circle for home mat sessions!! Using the MC for the entire 50 minutes with a level 2/3 routine really works the powerhouse!! 
Wow! This was my first class with you, Brett, and it was excellent! I will be feeling this tomorrow for sure!
"Simon says... that was nothing short of pure torture 🤣 I have never done a magic circle quite like it! Thank you sooo much. I knew when I saw "Brett Howard" it was going to be amazing because I just love your Reformer classes.
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