Knee Tutorial
Alan Herdman
Tutorial 1907

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Great tutorial on knee joint strengthening. It would be nice to have camera capturing the last VMO exercisein a better angle so that the viewer can see how Alan is assisting with hands-on & also the understanding of the movement.
Thank you. A timely find when someone with knee pain is coming tomorrow.
This is great! Thank you! Would you approach a valgus structure in the same order? Glutes, hamstrings, calves, adductors, VMO, etc? 
Thank you Alan! I can use your stretches with a few clients! I enjoyed your pacing: careful and precise!
thank you. very informative.
Can I use a roller to place  & rest my leg before lifting the leg since I don't have the arc?
Great information thank you
Great information on how to approach strengthening the knee. Simple and effective movement exercises for the knee. 
Dear Alan,

Thank you very much for this tutorial, very detailed and accessible.
I would have two questions:
1. What is the muscle name you referred to around time 09:56?
2. VMO exercise: In case of hyper-mobile knees, could pressing the knee back enhance hyperextension, or does pressing the heel down at the same time prevent this from happening?

Thank you!

Thank you
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