Two-Way Stretch Tower
Dana Santi
Class 1939

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Wonderful teaching....Loved the final teaser!!!! More of Dana please!!!!!!!
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I love the 2 way stretch at the end! Um I may say this is a bit more than the level 2 though :) Love, love, love!
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Great combination of tower and mat. The teaser at the end is fantastic! Great way to find where you really need to work in your own teaser.
The most challenging tower class I've taken! Loved the two-way stretch and especially the teaser at the end. Thank you:)
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Thank you all, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!
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OMG Dana, that teaser with the arm springs was impossible for me right now. Really challenging and invigorating class. Must keep practicing and working on this one. Thanks!
Hi Laurel,
Glad you enjoyed! Yes the teaser with springs is hard, but that's why we all keep coming back:))
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FANTASTIC DANA SANTI! i did a workshop with her in Spain last year!!!! love her tips and her teaching!!!!! MORE FROM HER, PLEASE!!!
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Just took this class again. One of my favorite Pilates classes I've taken. I love it!!
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Great fun as always - thanks, Dana and all.
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