Two-Way Stretch Tower
Dana Santi
Class 1939

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Challenging class. Alot of mat work mixed in to really challenge you.
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Dana, that teaser explanation at the end was the best I've ever got. I think I got it finally right for the first time. Amazing combo of mat and tower! I agree that it was partially harder than level 2 - :))
Loved it! Thank you!
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@avishag - I'm glad you enjoyed! I could do a whole class on the teaser:)
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Excellent class & excellent teaching to find and experience those deep(er) connections...thank you for sharing and helping me to be the best I can be!
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Great teacher. All your classes are fantastic!
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WOW!! That teaser was top notch. GREAT cues. Many Thanks and BRAVO to the trio; great work :)
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Thank you Dana, always creating more awareness for more refined, deeper movement! You are so talented & speak a language that fires neurons and powerhouses! My clients thank you too!
Great class but her manner is so abrupt! I would have no clients if I spoke to them like that...
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Super class. The teaser at the end, WOW! Thanks so much!
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