Full-Body Strength
Ed Botha
Class 1965

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Wonderful class. Loved the challenges and outstanding cueing. Thank you.
Hi Beth, We don't offer the ability to watch our videos offline. You can watch via Roku, Apple TV and most smart phones, but our videos are not downloadable for use elsewhere.
Great class!
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Fantastic...so many gems. Love the constant change in the spine position. Also loved the diff preps AND the little tailbone lift during DSLS. thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you !
So clear,so precise,love the pace!
Thank you Ed
Pleasure Maria
Ed- Another brilliant class! Question: are they're any exercises you could recommend to get stronger for Neck Pull? I seem to just not have enough strength in my abs to complete this exercise with my hands behind my head. Thanks!!!!
Hi Monica. Thank you for the feedback. What I normally do is allow a client to place loose ankle weights over their legs. The weights are not attached, so as they improve then I can take one weight off, increasing the difficulty.
Another option is to work from the top down. Start sitting up with the hands behind your head. Then just work on the lowering down phase while gravity is in your favour. Sit yourself back up and do a couple of repitions. This should help build strength. Just remember that roll ups/ neck pull have a lot to do with your body dimensions. Eg long legs and short upper body will find the exercise easier. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
Thank you for the challenging class. There is a lot of stuff packed into this class. I will be coming back to the class a lot!
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