The Power of Touch
Madeline Black
Special 2001

Watch this Special Feature be allowed on this intimate journey of discovery and healing with another human is a privilege..we are so lucky! Thank you for your wisdom.
Thanks so much. So encouraging.
Excellent ~
More please on this topic Madeline.
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Very well put. I have been to countless Pilates studio where the instructors have never touched or guided me through movement, what a pity as a thousand words could never been as powerful as an intentional directional touch.
Beautifully said, thank you. After many accidents and operations to repair my body I only began to really release and expand the movements when I started working with two excellent teachers who were not afraid to touch!! It makes all the difference.
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Wonderfully presented. Touch lasts on our bodies long after words are forgotten. Such an important and well articulated message.
Great reminders!
Really useful reminders thankyou. Such an important part I think of truly taking 'care' of our clients. Best wishes from the UKx
Very powerful words. WOW! Thank you.
Thanks! This was just what I needed to know...
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