Mary Bowen
Mary Bowen
Documentary 2014

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Wow! Mary, your story & the way in which you express the link between teaching Pilates & the subconscious was so inspiring.
I too am an intuitive, and you put into words what I could not.
Now, when helping people to get in touch with their bodies, I will always think of your wise words.

Many thanks to Kristi, for providing us with such an interesting
and muti-faceted web site!
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Thank you for sharing such a wonderful woman, Mary Bowen with us! As a Cognitive Psychologist, I learned how to appreciate the Real connection between the psyche and Pilates. I'm so happy that I've embarked on this path of Pilates,because I feel amazing each time I do it. What a down to earth and true legacy.
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Amazing and so deep! An unexpected treat on this website. I'm constantly inspired by the wonderful content you provide here at Pilates Anytime!

Wow! Mary! What a life! Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us this wisdom that came to you as an intuitive. In my time as a teacher, I have been assigned or through random circumstance ended up teaching people that were considered unteachable or difficult and accepted each one like a gift. Some have stayed and are still with me after years of slowly filling in the blanks in their body/conciousness. I'm thankful that I've been able to help them and through the process they've helped me so much! Mary, your word ring so true: we are all one and acceptance and love are all we really need to learn and grow whereas without each other we may have withered away. I often wonder how I can be of more impact in the world but I'm beginning to realize that it all starts with helping just one at a time.
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Thank you, Sky, and each one who has commented. I wish I could know each one of you in person. As I sense it, we grow into our own wisdom through our experiences in life and the person we were born as. Those of us who have to go deep were probably born to do just that. We can come "upon ourselves" or "into ourselves" as we live and work along. Pilates has been, still is and will always be a good partner to "help us happen" in the process of making Pilates our we "help each one we can." Mary Bowen
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Truly a wonderful interview, deeply thought provoking, inspiring and very spiritual in many ways. Have loved listening and learning more of the facts of how Pilates came about and the key people in it's development.
Thank you.
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Mary's Legacy is wonderful. So gentle and generous and wise. Thankyou for your simple message. I heard it and I love it.
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Thank you, each one, who commented on my legacy interview with Kristi Cooper. You have inspired ME! For those many trying to link in with me, you can email me directly: I have never yet joined link in, or FACEBOOK or Twitter.
E-mail works.
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As sweet as the first snowfall in Wisconsin ...delightful ...delicate and dances to the 'beat of Bowen'! Mary, thank you for keeping Pilates ...interesting!
Hi Mary and Christy. I tried to send an e-mail to Mary but it keeps bouncing back. Is the e-mail address I use (from Mary's website) incorrect ( Kind regards, Edith
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Mary you are such an inspiration! I Your enthusiasm for your work and your love of learning shines through in this interview. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in such an honest and open way. And Kristi thank you so much for putting this together. Its a really special resource for the Pilates community. You are a treasure too!
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