Prehensile Feet
Diane Severino
Tutorial 2095

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Ms. Severino, you are my Pilates Rockstar!!!
I can't wait to learn Hensile.
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Your focus and attention to the precise positioning of the toes and feet is very helpful. I also thought your reminder to "love your feet" and give them attention was truly insightful and important.
Thank you for your simple and effective tutorial.
What a fabulous footy tutorial ! Diana , I have the ultimate "lousy " feet so really appreciate this passionate delivery of your teaching . Thank you x
What great energy and cues! Excited to try them on myself and in class!
Omg, I'm in love. Bring on more Diane. Looking forward to learning the hensile.
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So fabulous. Love you Diane! Why hasn't anyone told me this stuff before.
I am standing in line too! Waiting for the next foot tutorial, I love the feets!
You are a pleasure to watch :) thank you.
You are Amazing. Thank you so much for this GREAT tutorial. I LOVE it.
ahhhh.....the more you know! Thank you thank you!
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