Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2119

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Love Brent Anderson classes, so easy to follow his directons. Thanks, watching and loving from Australia.
Amazing Class Brent !! Thank You for a fun and entertaining workout.
and the song I sang instead of row row row your boat was Jackie Weavers "I want to be loved my you… laughed out loud at the boopboop~adoop…. now I can't stop laughing… Thanks again, loved the teaser prep work, made it seem so much easier.
Amazing class, thx, love your style.. And the great beginning of this class!! Want to see you more often .. Greets from Polestar Germany :)
So amazing class, thank you, Brent!
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I always enjoy your sessions, you inspire me to explore my teaching of Modern Pilates.
Thank you
Karen Adams
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Lovely and challenging!
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Really really loved this class!! Fluid and strong with great brain connections! Scanning body prior to movement, then after is a great way to teach our clients about their bodies. Thank you.
Such a fun class. I really enjoyed being a part of it!
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Great way to bring in the weekend! Thank you Brent!
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Fun, exciting class. Thank you!
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