Sculpting Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 2173

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Great class. Very thorough. I feel like this is the one for really getting into a Pilates body.
This is the second time I've done your class this week. I did it on Tuesday and loved it. The hands-meeting/long back analogy was extremely helpful -- a real mind/body epiphany for me! I used it ("hands meeting in abs" cue) the next day to run, and really began learning in a new way how to run and move my legs from my core. It was really exciting. Thank you so much, not just for the sore body and fun new connection, but also for your encouragement and excellence in teaching. Really fun!!!
I am so "wowed" right now. I love this video. Fantastic cues and fast pace. Your teaching style is very professional and hands on and has a great flow! Thank you, Monica!
Very nice class! Great exercises! You are an excellent teachers and I love to watch your classes! Congrats and keep up! Love from Greece??
Fantastic class, Monica! I love your smooth and graduated. They never leave you sore.
Thank you Monica that was a great fun and definately challenging class!
Thanks Monica, wonderful as always. Love the hand cues!!!!
Very encouraging and positive instruction. You are so inspiring, Monica. Thank you.
Thanks so much, Monica! I really enjoyed your class and will "return." :)
Love it, gives a different perspective to instructing them how to pull the abs in...
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